Program of the 10th World Spiritist Congress

October 14-16, 2022 | VIRTUAL via YouTube


The inner transformation

The theme of the 2022 Congress will be “Inner transformation” This expression has a particularly important meaning for all spiritists…

To understand the process of this reform, we must first return to what Kardec defined as the primary goal of Spiritism:

35. The primary aim of Spiritism is the improvement of people. One must seek only what may help in moral and intellectual progress. (A.Kardec, Spiritism in its simplest expression).

Inner transformation is the priority of every spiritist on this earth. It constitutes the renewal of interior hopes, with the aim of strengthening faith, consolidating love, and the unceasing search for forgiveness. This transformation is like a permanent work of our moral values guiding us towards the perfection of the Being in all situations of life.



Friday, October 14, 2022

(Paris time: GMT+1)

19h (10min)

10th World Congress Opening

19h10 (25 min)

“Paris, spiritist and artistic city”

19h35 (50min)

Lecture n°1 with Jorge Elarrat (Brazil)

Inner transformation throughout history within the three revelations

20h25 (15min)

Pause and interview with Jorge Godinho (FEB), and Vitor Mora Feria (FEP)

20h40 (45min)

Round table 1 (Portuguese)

Why do we suffer? The need for inner transformation


Closing day 1

Saturday, October 15, 2022

(Paris time: GMT+1)

15h (5min)

Opening day 2

15h05 (45 min)

Lecture n°2 with Richard Buono (France)

Know Thyself: The Starting Point of Inner transformation

15h50 (10min)


16h00 (45min)

Round table 2 (French)

Inner Transformation in the everyday life of the 21st century


End of part 1 day 2


18h00 (5min)

Start of part 2 day 2

18h05 (45 min)

Round table 3 (Portuguese)

Inner Transformation in the moral education of youth and children

18h50 (10min)


19h00 (45min)

Lecture n°3 with Jussara Korngold (USA)

Inner transformation in the Sermon on the Mount


Musical  illustration, with João Paulo Ferreira (part 1)

20h00 (45 min)

Round table 3 (English)

Inner Transformation and mediumship


End day 2

Sunday, October 16, 2022

(Paris time: GMT+1)

15h (5min)

Opening day 3

15h05 (45 min)

Lecture n°4 with Edwin Bravo (Guatemala)

Inner transformation and obsession

15h50 (10min)

Pause and interview Jorge Camargo (Mexico)

16h00 (45min)

Round table 5 (Spanish)

The Global Inner Transformation of Humanity: The Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven


Pause and interview David Estany (Spain)

17h00 (45min)

Round table 6 (Spanish)

Inner Transformation and the Law of Progress


End part 1 day 3



Start part 2 day 3


Musical  illustration, with João Paulo Ferreira (part 2)


Special Thanks

20h00 (45min)

Lecture n°5 with Divaldo Franco (Brazil)

“Inner Transformation”


Closing ceremony of the 10th World Congress


Edwin Bravo
Edwin Bravo


35 participants in the Congress round tables
35 participants in the Congress round tables

20 countries represented

Jusssara Korngold
Jusssara Korngold


Richard Buono
Richard Buono


Divaldo Franco
Divaldo Franco


Jorge Elarrat
Jorge Elarrat



This is the first time in the history of our institution that a world congress will be entirely virtual.

Following the pandemic and its uncertainties, it was necessary to adapt and avoid the health risks, as well as the financial risks of a face-to-face organization that could have been cancelled.

The executive committee has therefore validated an organization in virtual mode to allow the widest possible dissemination, thus opening a new era of communication for maximum sharing worldwide.

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