Important informations

Dear Friends

Here is some important information about the 10th World Spiritist Congress, organized this year by the Union Spirite Française et Francophone for France, under the direction of the International Spiritist Council and its executive committee.

General information


  • This conference is entirely virtual. There is no physical meeting place, no face-to-face arrangements are planned. It is therefore important not to plan any travel to France, no hotel reservations or stays, unless of course you simply wish to visit our beautiful country.
  • The Congress will be broadcast exclusively via the YouTube channels of the International Spiritist Council, the Union Spirite Française et Francophone as official channels, as well as all broadcast partners who wish to support the event via their own YouTube channel.
  • The conference is completely free. All you have to do is log in and enjoy the event.
  • The choice of the YouTube channel that you will make to participate in the event, depends solely on you. You can choose from a variety of broadcasters based on the type of chat group you wish to participate in.
  • For practical reasons, part of the conference program has been pre-recorded to facilitate broadcasting and translation.
  • Part of the program will be translated into a total of 4 languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. However, another part will be broadcast only in the original language. This information will be mentioned on the program page.
  • The current program (schedule and content) is provisional and can be modified according to the needs of the organization and the participants. The program can only be considered as final one week before the beginning of the congress. We thank you for your understanding.

Other information for broadcasters and Spiritist organizations:


  • If you wish to become a broadcaster via your own YouTube channel, and within the limits of our technical possibilities, you can make the request by writing to
  • If you are the president of a federation from an ISC member country or not, you can also send us a clip of support for our congress which we will broadcast during the pre-congress period, as well as during the congress during the breaks.
  • If in the year following the congress you are organizing a big event anywhere like a congress or an international meeting, please send us a promotional video clip of the event, and we will be very happy to broadcast it during our congress.

We thank you fraternally for your patience, and we will be very happy to welcome you for this magnificent planetary event of dissemination of Spiritism with the very enriching theme of Inner Transformation.